UK-based medical device company Platform 14 has bought a stake in Biowave USA, making the company the largest single investor and taking a position on the board of directors.

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Platform 14 is a supplier of pain-management devices, including radiofrequency and the implantable pain-management system Stimrouter. The inclusion of a non-invasive external neurostimulation device to block pain at the source will complement the company’s pain portfolio.

P14’s president and founder Steve Dechan said: “This aligns and cements our strategic ambition to bring non-opioid, highly effective pain relief to many millions of people. BioWave technology has been established in the US for over 13 years and Platform 14 are planning to bring it to the EMEA market where they believe the BioWave treatment will ‘revolutionise the treatment of acute and chronic pain.”

Biowave Corp chairman Rob Adler added: “Biowave now has a Partner in Platform 14 that can help lead the way in providing pain relief for many patients outside the US. P14 has the dedication and expertise required to help those suffering pain “stay in the game” and live fuller lives.”