Omron Healthcare has launched WheezeScan, a clinically validated automatic device for home-use to detect the presence of a wheeze in young children. 

Omron Wheeze monitor - Corepolo - Animation & Design

Wheezing is the most common asthmatic symptom in children under the age of five. Despite this, at least 55% of parents identified wheezing different than clinicians in a comprehensive study on wheezing. This can be for a number of reasons, including: 

  • The prospect of a looming asthma attack causes anxiety and hesitation
  • Wheezes don’t always sound the same
  • Children are too young to articulate what they’re experiencing

WheezeScan’s design allows for straightforward, accurate detection of a wheeze. Parents hold it firmly below their child’s right collarbone for 30 seconds and wait for a “Wheeze” or “No Wheeze” identification, after which they can decide what next steps need to be taken. 

Omron Healthcare’s WheezeScan listening technology was designed to identify sounds in a child’s wheezing that parents may not be able to hear. A diaphragm of micron-width material detects low-volume wheezing. This, combined with an HD quality microphone, a built-in noise cancelling system, and a specialised on-board computer allows the device to provide a clear “wheeze” or “no wheeze” reading. 

WheezeScan also pairs with its companion app, AsthmaDiary for mobile devices. The app keeps track of wheeze episodes, enabling parents to log data of potential trigger factors and response to medication, as well as identifying trends. This information can also be provided in consultation with the child’s doctor. 

Lucía Prada, marketing director of Omron Healthcare Europe, said: “As a mother of two, I know how stressful it is having a sick child, and how powerless this can make you feel when you cannot figure out how to help them. WheezeScan was designed to give parents confidence in the adequate management of their children’s asthmatic condition. As the first step towards our Zero Asthma attacks vision, it brings into concrete action our vision to do everything we can to minimize the impact that asthma has on patients, and particularly children.”

Omron Healthcare recommends WheezeScan be used on children between 4 months of age and 7 years.