Medical device manufacturer Mindray has claimed 17 awards for product design at the iF Design Awards 2021. 

All 17 of Mindray’s awards were presented by the iF International Forum Design to recognise product design in the medicine/health category, with this year’s awards focussing on the way companies have combined high-tech tools with practical designs.

Mindray’s VS 9 vital signs workstation and the A9 anaesthesia system were among the award-winning products which are available to the UK market. The company’s portfolio was recognised with product design awards for its laboratory analysis machines, cart-based ultrasound systems, a veterinary anaesthesia device, a neonatal ventilator and a medical ceiling beam system.

The VS 9 vital signs workstation was recognised for its ability to customise user interfaces based on clinical workflow while also being practical and suited to infection control.

Mindray’s A9 anaesthesia system won its award for a range of features designed to minimise and improve human interactions. With Automatic Controlled Anaesthesia (ACA) and electronic vaporiser, the A9 applies technologies for intelligent anaesthesia and retains traditional functions to suit clinicians’ habits.

The A9’s suite of gas optimisation tools, to help prevent leakages and minimise the environmental impact of surgery, also highlighted an eco-conscious approach common across this year’s entries. 

The iF International Forum Design commented: “A concern for sustainability and the reduction of energy and material use are also increasingly visible among the winning entries in practically all categories.” 

Jim Roberts, Mindray’s UK marketing manager, said: “We are so proud to have our products recognised for such prestigious awards. The VS 9 and A9 are new products and it is encouraging to see them get such a positive reaction. We look forward to seeing how our customers will use these devices to help improve patient care across the UK.”