Globus Medical launched CREO ONE™, the first robotic screw designed for spine surgery with ExcelsiusGPS®.

First Cases with Globus Medical CREO ONE | ORTHOWORLD
Globus Medical CREO AMP. Lumbar Pedicle Screw System. LOCKING CAP. One-Level.  Catalog #1119.0010

CREO ONE is designed to enhance pedicle preparation while maintaining navigational accuracy and increasing pullout strength by 86% vs. traditional pedicle screws tapped to size. The screw is the first of its kind to offer this level of advanced robotic integration, streamlined workflow and pullout strength.

The tip of the CREO ONE screw is designed to completely eliminate the need to tap and requires a starting, pilot hole to break the cortex prior to placing the vertebral pedicle screw. An awl-style tip helps the screw follow a pre-planned trajectory.

CREO ONE is part of the CREO AMP® family. Its screws are compatible with CREO MIS® and CREO AMP® screw heads, and use existing CREO® navigation instruments.