German-based endovascular simulator specialist CATHI has launched a portable ʺSystem in a Suitcaseʺ, specifically designed for use by engineers in both medical technology and pharmaceutical companies as a tool for aiding product design. 

Endovascular Procedure Simulator in a Suitcase to Aid Medical Device  Engineers | DAIC

CATHI’s System in a Suitcase can encourage creativity in product design by helping to visualise the item. It can also assist in developing product properties such as efficacy, patient safety and ease of operation. Product design and function is aided by the system’s ease of use: once the suitcase has arrived on site it takes just a few minutes to set up and get operational. When the product has been developed in virtual form, it can become the basis of an instructional and educational campaign, again driven by CATHI’s system. 

Simulation in a Suitcase.jpg

At the heart of the System in a Suitcase is the laptop sized CATHIS Smart. Although highly portable, its compact dimensions do not mean that compromises have been made on either applications or features. It can be completely customised to satisfy individual customer needs, such as being set up with specific devices or instruments, along with associated special features. 

The CATHIS Smart simulator is supported by a range of hardware including a control unit, notebook and foot pedal. All this is contained in a single suitcase.

Manuela Werner, managing director of marketing and simulators, said: “CATHI is a family-owned German-based independent supplier of endovascular simulators. We design and manufacture all our software and hardware in-house, which means that we can provide completely customised systems to extremely high specifications. We are also able to offer highly portable systems such as the System in a Suitcase.”