DJO has made a strategic investment in Insight Medical Systems and its Augmented Reality Visualization and Information System (ARVIS) for orthopaedic surgeries.

*ARVIS is pending FDA approval.

DJO did not disclose the size of its investment in its news release. But Insight Medical Systems recently reported to the SEC on March 19 that it raised nearly $8 million from six investors.

ARVIS combines tracking cameras with both a 3D display and handsfree interface in an integrated eyepiece to support total joint arthroplasty. Insight Medical Systems says the ARVIS is set apart by its proprietary hardware designed to assist arthroplasty surgeons in enhancing component positioning precision. The result, according to the company, is improved joint arthroplasty outcomes.

“DJO has been partnering with the orthopedic surgeon community to understand their technology needs across all anatomies and in all settings in which they operate,” said Louis Vogt, president and GM of DJO Surgical.

“The Insight team has developed an impressive 3D AR technology that tracks the surgeon’s viewpoint and delivers navigation and patient-specific information right at the surgical site in a highly efficient and seamless workflow. ARVIS complements DJO’s ASC 360 solutions and adds to our full range of implant technologies, surgical tools and digital care solutions that uniquely span the continuum of care.”